PEN Turkey Centre declares : “Without Justice”

On these days, under these present circumstances, as PEN Association of  Writers of Turkey, we need to re-emphasize and declare to the public that:

Lack of Justice means the end of the world has already come.
Lack of Justice means no ties have survived that could have kept society together.
Where there is no Justice, summers are not beautiful, fruits are not delicious.
Where there is no Justice, songs are considered to be lies -and poems fake.
In a land without Justice, there can be neither pride about the past nor confidence in a bright future.
A day without Justice is felt to last as long as a century.
Nature abandons the world if it is without Justice; trees die, waters dry up, birds cease  singing.
Cruelty reigns in a place without Justice; there is injustice, evil.
Only if there is Justice can there be civilization –with honour, pride, history; only there can there be humanity.

If there is no Justice, then there is nothing.      
PEN Turkey Centre -15 June 2017