"Saturday Mothers"

On 25 August Saturday;  The Istanbul police have broken up the 700th weekly vigil by  "Saturday Mothers"  the  mothers demanding accountability for "disappearances"  of their beloved ones  since decades. Tear gas was fired and dozens were detained while defying a protest ban.

 On Sunday 25.08.2018  PEN Turkey made this declaration:

PEN TURKEY declares: "Don' be scared of mothers!"

They are those who heed the calls to "find me mother!"... They are those  who seek justice... They are those who want to find a trace, or at least   the bones of their children who disappeared since 1995 in the hands of police brutality and  secret forces...                                        2 days ago                                                                                              2 years ago

We condemn this attack on the peaceful 700th demonstration of those "Saturday mothers"; on writers, artists who support them;  the hatred vested on journalists who try to do their jobs....                                                                                                                                            

In full awareness that this  violence and rage is a manifestation of impotent injustice, we reiterate our plea to all  relevant authorities to opt for commonsense and cry out once more: "Do not be scared of mothers!"