Come on younsters, "İlkyaz/Early Summer" is waiting for you!

“İlkyaz/Early Summer”, founded with the support of International PEN, has started publication. It is a platform to publish poems and stories by writers and poets under 35 years.

Ege Dündar, the founder and coordinator of the project, states the goal of “İlkyaz” as such: “İlkyaz is a platform established both to exhibit and to nourish the imagination of writers under 35. Meaning, our subjeçt is literature. Our job is to share. It’s a valuable common ground where we can cheer up by staying away from disintegration at a time when lack of communication is running rampant.

This platform is a blog made out of shares to nourish the imagination. It involves human portraits to cast light on daily life, reading suggestions from renowned writers of the world and of Turkey to young writers, and examples from the early works of celebrated names in world and Turkish literature. There will also be a section dedicated to works by writers under 15, who generally don’t get a chance to be read.

 You can reach “Early Summer from this address:

Every month the works of three selected writers will be translated into English and published by İlkyaz. In addition to this, every month the stories will be translated into the language of the country of a PEN center situated in a different location of the globe and published. Thus, while our literature will acquire new readers in the international field, our writers will be introduced to men of letters  of the world. In the first issue of İlkyaz, Norwegian PEN will be leading the way by translating and introducing works of the first three writers. (For more information: [email protected])