Decisions taken at the meeting of PEN Women Writers Committee (WWC) of Turkey


September 15-2007

1-It has been decided to organize seminar-meetings every three months starting from January 2008 under the title of “conceptual and tematical aproaches towards the place of women in literature”. The meetings will be open to public. Committee member Nalan Barbarosoğlu will be responsible for the organization of this cultural event.

2-A decision has been taken to start with the preparations of a special activity for Güzin Dino (academician at Paris Eastern Languages Instıtute, linguist, translator, essayist and writer) foreseen to take place at the beginning of December.

3-The fact that Judith Buckrich has been made honorary member of Turkish PEN has been eagerly welcome by the Committee. It has also been decided to regulary send news of our Committee to the International Newsletter of IPWWC.

4-Karin Karakaşlı and Nazan Haydari will be responsible for the English Editorial work.

5-It has been decided to participate at the “Women and War” title of Portuguese WWC on Internet. A similar undertaking is also planned by Turkish WWC to cover works of women writers abroad under a special title.

6- Another project is “Reading Days”. Planning will be done by Özlem N. Yılmaz.

7- Subcommissions will be formed in the coming period for PEN members willing to work with Turkish PEN WWC.

8-Next meeting will be held on October 13 Saturday, at 11:00 in PEN center office.

Translated by Karin Karakaşlı