Dear Mehmed Uzun...





Mehmed Uzun, one of the estimated members of our Center, who had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and who was currently receiving treatment has passed away today, at 11:05 a.m.

The famous author Mehmet Uzun, hoping that he would be cured in his homeland had returned to the land of his mother tongue, and, had always been an eminent spokesman of peace : "ez qurbana wan im"

The death of Mehmed Uzun, who had a strong belief and hope for the peace and fraternity to be highlighted and established, has now left us in deep sadness.

We are still in need of your strong voice that is always inviting eternal peace, especially during these days when harsh cries of war are being heard.

Now that we have lost you....

We convey our sincere condolence to all, on behalf of freedom of expression