Dear PEN Members all over the planet

PEN is or should be an international/ist movement. PEN should be in favour of human rights -and not against them. The PEN Centre of Turkey has been actively in favour of democratic rights of all our citizens. A humanitarian perspective urges one to be against violence both by governments and by organizations.

The PKK has been using terror. If bombing, burning and killing innocent people is not terror, then there has never been any terror in world history. And you cannot complain about terror if it happens in your country. The Kurdish PEN Centre invites all the other Centres against Turkey's possible military intervention. Fine. But a PEN Centre should criticize terroristic means. A PEN Centre cannot or should not support violence. It appears that PKK does not want democratization in Turkey. That is why they have been attacking -although there is now a Kurdish Nationalist Party in the Parliament of Turkey. The PKK seems to want a civil war in our contry. Thus, I invite all PEN Centres to invite the PKK to stop violence unconditionally -as there are already democratic and political means.


Tarık Günersel

PEN Centre of Turkey,