Greetings and News from PEN Turkey Centre -wishing a fruitful year

Dear PEN Int'l Board led by our Int’l President and friend Jennifer Clement,  former -but always concerned- PEN Int’l President John Ralston Saul, Int’l Vice Presidents each of who is a unique leader, Int’l PEN Int’l Secretary Kätlin Kaldmaa, who combines joy with depth, sister PEN Centres that illuminate these dark times with their members and solidarity,
devoted Int’l Chairs of our four committees, Network volunteers –idealist realists, and, last but not least,  our hard-working PEN Int’l Staff led by poet Carles Torner,
Dear Friends,

We are glad to announce that the Congress of PEN Turkey Centre was held on January 6th, 2018, and all but one member were re-elected for another three-year term. So our Board for 2018-20 consists of
Writer, editor and theatre critic Zeynep Oral (President),
novelist and poet Halil Ibrahim Özcan (Vice President),
short fiction writer Tülin Dursun (Domestic Secretary),
poet and playwright Tarık Günersel (Int'l Secretary),
short fiction writer Zeynep Aliye (Treasurer),
poet and academic Haydar Ergülen (Member),
journalist and essayist Sevin Okyay (Member).

So the contact information of PEN Turkey Centre on the PEN Int’l website remains relevant.
As for our committees:
Writers in Prison Committee (including our imprisoned member Ahmet Şık) is chaired by Halil Ibrahim Özcan,
Writers for Peace Committee by novelist Burhan Sönmez,
Women Writers C by novelist Ulviye Alpay, who invites male writers willing to contribute in harmony with our recent PEN International Manifesto on Women’s Rights,
Translation and Linguistic Rights C by Prof. Suat Karantay.
The Auditing Committee is composed of
novelist and musician Zülfü Livaneli,
translator and musician Turan Parlak,
poet and novelist Ahmet Çakmak from Diyarbakır, the heart of the Kurdish culture.
The Honour (Discipline) Committee is composed of
short story writer and essayist Deniz Kavukçuoğlu, the General Coordinator of
the TÜYAP Bookfairs in Turkey who had to be in exile in his youth,
novelist Inci Aral, Emerita President of PEN Turkey,
Ikna Sarıaslan, the leading poet who writes in Armenian; he is a medical doctor who heals souls as well.
Poet and artist Şen Çakır takes care of our office work, and poet Nihat Ateş has been our website editor for more than a decade.

Thanking you all for your solidarity,  we all send you our love and best wishes.

Board of PEN Turkey Centre