International PEN Writers in Prison Committee Half Year Case List - January-June 2007


International PEN Writers in Prison Committee’s latest case list that provides summaries of recorded attacks against writers and journalists for the six month period January to June 2007 is now available in electronic form (.pdf) – see attached or go to the International PEN Website Our apologies that this has taken longer than usual to deliver. Print versions will be posted in the next few days.

Comment on Statistics

Statistics given on the final page of the Case List shows that the WiPC monitored over 780 cases in the period. Particularly concerning is the high numbers of killings among them, 39 in this period, especially worrying when compared with the total number of 47 recorded for the whole of 2006. The rise is mostly accounted for by the murders of Iraqi translators and journalists, a shocking total of 18 in the past six months.

Long term imprisonment remains a significant concern with just over 200 detained for periods ranging from a few months to several years. Most of these – 73 – are held in Asia, 39 of whom are in Chinese prisons. The Americas and Africa each have just over 30 writers imprisoned, mainly held in Cuba and Eritrea.

While the statistics do provide an indication of the key countries of concern for PEN, they do not reflect the full picture and there are many other writers under threat, imprisoned and even killed in over 80 countries. The case list provides summaries of these cases, while the Rapid Action Network is one means where more information is provided with action advice. Seventy-nine of the 173 main cases listed have been elected as Honorary Members of a number of PEN Centres.


To sign onto the Rapid Action network and receive alerts, to take up a writer in prison as an Honorary Member or any questions about how you and your Centre can take part in the WiPC, just contact [email protected]

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