PEN Turkey: Democracy against all sorts of coup d’etats!

Democracy is the most natural right of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Natural: i.e. like water, like air, like love, like freedom. A human being wants to experience them all thoroughly. One wants to live as a human, with one’s land, environment, universe. Democracy is our love that we have not managed to embrace at all. Whenever we tend to believe that we have finally embraced it, we realize that its eyes are covered and we are hand-cuffed in dungeons.
The people of Turkey did show, on July 15th last year, that coups were not fate. Against those who attempted a coup d’etat, they proved that they could defend the homeland, the democratic system, the parliamentary regime. That resistance was the greatest guarantee against further coup attempts. But there is one way to strengthen the quarantee: Democracy; by not misusing the coup attempt as an excuse for more oppression and violence, by never giving up justice, rights and law; by respecting the separation of powers.
Neither a military coup d’etat nor a civillian one! Democracy, in order to live together in peace with justice, free from fear! Democracy, in order to improve the horizons of justice and liberties! Democracy, in order to protect the diversity, secularity, and the modern education system.
Democracy for social peace, for freedom of thought and expression, for upholding human rights above all.
There would be no coup attempt nor a revolt in a country where democracy is fully exercised. Our people, who knew how to resist against the coup attempt, know how to resist against injustice.
As PEN Turkey, we say no to every coup attempt no matter how or by whom. We are against all sorts of coup, military or civillian, and we are in favour of opening the paths towards living together.

PEN Turkey Centre

15 July 2017